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Ocean Rig Poseidon

6th Generation Deep Water Drillship. Enhanced SAIPEM 10000 Design

Ocean Rig Poseidon was completed in 2011. The rig was built at Samsung Heavy Industries Shipyard in South Korea.

The rig has dual activity capabilities, design and equipped for drilling operations in water depths from 500 meters (1640 feet) to 3000 meters (10000 feet).  

Ocean Rig Poseidon has operated successfully in benign areas. 

The rig is Dynamic Positioned, DP Class 3

Name of Unit Ocean Rig Poseidon
Type of unit DP Drill Ship, Enhanced SAIPEM 10000 design
Year Completed: 2011
Builder: Samsung Heavy Industries, Korea
Classification: ABS + IAI Drilling Unit, DPS-3,AMS, ACCU. SH-DLA, NBLES
Length: 748.0ft (228m)
Width: 137.8ft (42.0m)
Accommodation capacity: 205
Helicopter deck: 27.2m x 27.2m, 21.3mt
Life Saving: 5 x 60 men life boats and 1 x 40 med life boat
18 x 25 men life rafts 18 x 25 men life rafts
Variable Deck Load: Operation 20,000mt
Survival 20,000mt
Transit 16,500mt
Liquid mud incl. waste mud cap: 15,720bbl (2,500m3)
Bulk mud: 4 x 113m3, tot 452m3 (4 x 3,990cu/ft, tot 15,960cu/ft)
Bulk Cement: 4 x 113m3, tot 452m3 (4 x 3,990cu/ft, tot 15,960cu/ft)
Drill Water: 16,350bbl (2,600m3)
Base Oil: 3,000bbl (478m3)
Brine: 2,990bbl (476m3)
Pot Water: 8,176bbl (1,300m3)
Fuel Oil: 46,170bbl (7,500m3)
Main Power: 6 x STX-B&W 16V32 diesel engines, rated 8.000kW
each. 10.900hp, Total 48,000kW 65,400hp
6 x ABB AMG 900 XU I 0 LSE generators, rated
7,000kW each. Total 42,000kW
Propulsion: 6 x Rolls Royce AQM UUC4SS fixed pitch variable speed azimuth thrusters
DP System: DP Class 3 Kongsberg ICSM K-POS
Water Depth (design) 10,000ft (3048m)
Water Depth (outfitted) 10,000ft (3048m)
Transit Speed 12 knots
Derrick: Dual Derrick, NOV 200 x 60 x 80ft,
Hook Load 1,000 st, setback: 1,200 mt
Motion Compensators: 2ea NOV CMC, Crown mounted with active heave compensation.
Static 907mt, compensating 454mt, 25ft stroke
Drawworks: 2ea NOV.SSGD-5750hp
Top Drive: 2ea Top Drive NOV HPS I 000 2E-AC-KT
Rotary Table: 1ea NOVVBJ RST 60 1/2" Hyd Opr (Main Well)
1ea False RST(Aux well)
Pipe Handling: 2ea NOV Hydraracker pipe handlers
2ea NOV HydraTong Iron Roughnecks
Fwd and aft catwalk machines
Deck Cranes: 4ea Knuckle Boom Crane 85mt, type OC3932K
Mud system: 5ea HP mud pumps NOV-14P-220, 2200hp, 7500psi
6ea VSM 300 shale shakers
NOV automatic mud mixing system with sack cutting system
Cement Unit Client third party under free placement agreement
Riser tensioners 8ea dual (16ea) NOV DWRT-200-50 200,000 lbs each total 3,200,000 lbs
Marine Riser Joints NOVShaffer FT-H 21“ OD Flanged. With 4 ½” ID K/C lines, 4” ID booster line and 2ea conduit lines
BOP NOVShaffer 6 ram 18/ ¾“ NXT BOP. 15,000psi
Wellhead Connector Vetco Super HD H4 DWD type
Annulars 2 ea NOV Shaffer 10,000psi
BOP Control System NOVShaffer Multiplex BOP control system, with deadman system and auto shear.
In addition the BOP is equipped with acoustic back-up system and ROV intervention
Diverter NOVShaffer 21 ¼” 500psi
Choke manifold NOVShaffer 2 ea remote chokes and 2ea manual chokes
Mud Gas Separator (poor-boy) NOVShaffer, ventline 12”, liquid seal 24ft

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